81 Saree Blouse Designs and Stylish Ideas for Your Special Occasions

Do you envision adorning yourself in traditional Indian wedding sarees to experience a royal essence on your special day? then pick a royal and ethnic silk saree for your special day. Choosing stunning wedding saree blouse designs along with such a saree will impart exceptional charisma for your special day. 

Indian wedding sarees are renowned for their tradition and dexterity in crafting sarees with vibrant shades. The aesthetic patterns and traditional motifs symbolise the connection of Indian culture to wedding sarees, but now the trend has changed. The new generation of brides who want to become the focal point of their wedding will place great emphasis on their wedding blouse designs. Explore the diverse blouse designs for the half saree function for your little ones. 

If you want to enhance your bridal style in such a way, then you've reached the right place. If you are a guest too, then you can choose various designs for your Indian wedding outfits for guests. Here are the stunning blouse styles for saree that will make you stand out and be unique on your special occasion.

Blouse Designs for Sarees: Elevate Your Royal Wedding Look!

The wedding day holds immense significance in every girl's life, and her attire plays a crucial role in creating a lasting impression. There are endless collections of Indian wedding sarees available today, ranging from the royal magnificence of classic Kancheepuram sarees to contemporary designer sarees. Each saree will be peculiar in its design, theme, fabric, pattern, etc., along with the blouse.

Now, everyone loves to customise their blouse with latest saree blouse designs which are available in unique themes and patterns. There are many blouse designs for saree that are appropriate for your body type and personality, regardless of whether you are a modern bride or a traditional bride. Here are a plethora of stunning wedding saree blouse designs for your special day.

1. Maggam Blouse Designs

Maggam blouse designs are traditional and unique designs that add a touch of elegance and glamour to your saree and lehengas. 

Maggam Saree Blouse

These blouses are characterised by their rich embroidery work, often featuring intricate motifs, embellishments, and decorative elements.

Maggam Saree

Typically crafted by skilled artisans using techniques like zardosi, kundan, mirror work, and beadwork. Maggam blouses boast a stunning array of designs ranging from floral patterns to peacocks, paisleys, and geometric motifs.

Maggam Saree Blouse

The embroidery is often done using metallic threads, beads, sequins, and stones, creating a shimmering effect that catches the light beautifully. 

2. Rich Kundan Blouse 

Kundan work blouse designs are a rich and traditional form of embellishment that adds a touch of opulence and elegance to ethnic Indian attire.

Kundan work Blouse

Image Credits: Pinterest

The blouse with pink saree showcase the timeless artistry of Kundan work, which involves setting gemstones, glass, and precious stones into a metal base. If you want to adorn yourself as per the Hindu wedding tradition, then saree will be the best option. 

kundan work blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest

The beauty of Kundan work lies in its ability to create elaborate and stunning patterns on blouse fabrics. Intricate designs are used to form a metal base that serves as a framework for the placement of colorful and reflective stones.
kundan work blouse

Image Credits: Pinterest

Artisans carefully embed these stones into the metal, creating a mosaic of vibrant hues and shimmering textures. 

3. Back Embroidery Rich Blouse

The Back Embroidery Rich Blouse is a glamorous garment that effortlessly merges traditional elegance with contemporary style.

embroidered back blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest

This stunning blouse is characterised by its embroidery on the back, creating a captivating and luxurious look. The carefully crafted embroidery showcases precise patterns, delicate motifs, and ornate designs, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic.

embroidered back blouse

Image Credits: Southindianfashion

The rich embroidery on the back steals the spotlight, making it a perfect choice for special occasions, festive celebrations, or formal events.

Image Credits: Southindianfashion

The attention to detail in the embroidery reflects fine craftsmanship, making the blouse a true work of art.

Back embroidered rich blouse
Image Credits: suta.in

4. Double Neckline Blouse

One of the styles with exquisite embroidery work and something extra for your special occasions is a double-neckline blouse.

Double neckline blouse designs
Image Credits: threads.com

With the double neckline, you can easily customise the design to give your saree a more upscale appearance.

Double neckline blouse designs
Image Credits: paperblog

Check out the variety of blouse designs we created for you. The above saree is well suited for Mehendi Ceremony.

Double Neck blouse

Image Credits: bookeventz

5. Ladder Back Blouse

ladder back blouse
Image Credits: stylecraze

The ladder back blouse is somewhat different and resembles the back open button blouse.

ladder back blouse
Image Credits: tikli

For brides seeking elaborate embroidery on their back, this open back blouse is the ideal option.

6. Velvet Blouse for Bridal Sarees

velvet Blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest

Are you looking for a minimal blouse that exudes luxury?  then velvet blouse will be the best choice.The golden embroidered design and the fabric's inherent gloss will give you a high-end look. Look at the below velvet blouse adorns the gold Kanchipuram silk sarees

velvet blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest

7. Designer Mesh Blouse

Designer Mesh Blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest
This is one of the trendiest blouse designs among youth for their special occasions. The ties from the blouse are coordinated with a particular button matching to the saree. 

8.Back V Neck Blouse

Back V neck blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest
The V neck back open blouse is the latest blouse designs for saree. A tie will be there for a support and the blouse is adorned with the golden buttons.
back open wedding blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest
This will be the perfect match with a checked black Kanchipuram saree as in the picture.
backopen wedding blouse
Image Credtis: Pinterest 

9. Floral Cut out Blouse Designs

lotus flower cutout wedding blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest
The golden embroidered lotus flower cutout will be the modern blouse designs in the wedding now. Look at the design, it adorns the blue saree and blouse. 
back_cutout design
Image Credits: Pinterest
The back of the blouse cut down as lotus and other floral shape and this will give you an amazing look on your special occasions.  

10. Sheer Neck Blouse

Sheer Neck Saree Blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest

A maroon sheer neck blouse with net and embroidered sleeves adorns the bridal look for your special day.

sheer neck wedding blouse designs
 Image Credits: Pinterest

This sheer neck readymade saree blouse is suited with the vibrant red Kanchipuram saree with Zari work.

11. Blouse with Tassels

Tussel Blouse Design

Image Credits: Meesho

The dazzling fuschia tussle gold saree blouse is the perfect match with the exquisite off-white Kanchipuram silk with magenta borderTussals in the sarees and in the blouse will always adorn the white sarees

tussel wedding blouse designs
 Image Credits: Pinterest

Incorporating tussles into the edges of the necklines, sleeves, and back of the these wedding blouse designs will provide a stylish touch. 

12.Sleeve Design Blouse

Sleeve Designs
 Image Credits: Pinterest

This embroidered sleeve blouse designs exquisitely crafted blouses combine traditional craftsmanship with modern fashion ensembles.

embroidered sleeve
 Image Credits: Pinterest

This creating a perfect blend of elegance and style. These designs often feature a variety of embroidery techniques, such as intricate threadwork, sequins, beads, and other embellishments.

embroidered sleeve
 Image Credits: tikli

13. Zipped Blouse

Zipped Blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest

 If you prefer a subtle or bold look, then zipped wedding saree blouse designs are a great way to infuse a touch of whimsy and personality into your bridal attire.


Zipped wedding blouse designs
 Image Credits: Pinterest

The steel blue Kanchipuram saree elevates the stylish zipper blouse. The zipped blouse will be comfortable with your bridal jewels and adornments.

14. Heavy Embroidered Blouse

Embroidered Blouse

 Image Credits: Libaas Queen

The deep-necked bridal blouse with rich golden embroidery and specific hairstyle for saree gives it an appealing look and unique style.

embroidered wedding blouse designs
 Image Credits: Style of lady

You would be the focal point of your wedding if you wore this saree blouse patterns with a red zari-embroidered Kanchipuram saree.

15. Long Sleeve Blouse

Embroidered Full sleeve Blouse

 Image Credits: Pinterest

A long sleeve saree blouse designs gives you an ideal look along with the red bridal Kanchipuram saree.

long sleeve wedding blouse designs
 Image Credits: Pinterest

The thick zari work on the neckline and sleeves will enhance the style of your entire wedding outfit.

16. Beaded Boat Neck Blouse

Boat Neck Blouse
 Image Credits: Pinterest

This gold saree wedding blouse design with a beaded boat neck and embroidered sleeve will definitely add elegance to the saree.

Beaded boat neck wedding blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest

The Knee length designer blouse with zari work is the best match with the burgundy Kanchipuram saree.

17. Net Cape Blouse

Cape Neck Saree Blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest

With its frilled neck and delicate design, a bridal blouse elevates bridal style when worn with a silk saree.

net cape wedding blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest

This latest saree blouse design will be match with all type of sarees.

18. Wedding Blouse Designs with Beads and Pearls

Embellished Sleeves with beads Blouse

 Image Credits: Style Craze

The viva gold saree blouse is embossed with golden zari work, and beads will be best to worn with the Rani Pink Kanchipuram saree, creating a fashion statement for your big day.

Wedding Blouse Designs with Beads and Pearls
 Image Credits: Pinterest
The above orange saree paired with yellow back cut blouse will be best for the haldi ceremony.

19. Classic Round Neck

Classic Round Neck Saree Blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest

The pista green beaded round-neck wedding saree blouse designs will make you a stylish diva on your special day.

round neck wedding blouse
 Image Credits: bollywoodshaadis

If you prefer a pista green Kanchipuram saree, then it will be an extra graceful look for you.

20. Royal Puffed Sleeves

puff-sleeve Saree Blouse
Image Credits: pinterest

The mustard yellow puffed blouse with a contrast aqua green Kanchipuram saree will make you stand out and be unique on the special occasion.

puffed wedding blouse designs
 Image Credits: Pinterest

A simple gold saree with a puffed sleeve will give you an elegant look. The combination of orange golden and green Kanchipuram saree will radiate your beauty to the world.

21. Embroidered Full Sleeves Blouse

Embroidered Full sleeve Blouse

 Image Credits: Tikli

This blue long sleeve saree blouse will be the finest choice if you're going for a chic and contemporary bridal style. Adorn your bridal look with a golden blue Kanchipuram silk saree and this latest saree blouse design.

22. Balloon Sleeved Blouse

The Balloon sleeved blouse can be paired mostly with traditional silk sarees. Most of the rituals in the South Indian wedding traditions follow traditional attires for both brides and groom. The beauty of this attire can be adorned with modern embellishments.

balloon wedding blouse designs
 Image Credits: Designer Wall

The below shown pale green balloon saree blouse patterns with heavily beaded zari work will give you a magnificent look

Balloon Sleeve Saree Blouse
Image Credits: pinterest

The mustard yellow Kanchipuram saree will be the perfect mate to this modern saree blouse designs.

23. Back Cut-Out Design Blouse

Back cut-out Blouse

 Image Credits: Flickr

A dark green blouse with a stunning back cut-out design will be the perfect blend of style and sophistication. The contrast green Kanchipuram saree will give an elegant look to the bride.

24. Single Tie on the Back

Back Tie Blouse

 Image Credits: Fascinate Blouses

The black wedding blouse designs is styled with back strips and a faux bow on the bottom part. This modern saree blouse design will be the perfect choice with a contrast yellow floral Kanchipuram saree.

25. Handcrafted Belted Blouse

Belted Blouse Designs
Image Credits: Pinterest

This heavy embroidered sleeved blouse is embellished with the matching handcrafted belt. If you prefer an elegant bridal look, then a white Kanchipuram saree with a belted blouse designs for saree will be the perfect choice.

26. Temple Blouse Design

Temple Blouse Design

The temple themed saree blouse patterns is always customised, and it effortlessly adds a touch of glamour and charm to your saree. 

wedding blouse designs
 Image Credits: Pinterest

You can make it a statement piece with the traditional red and green contrast Kanchipuram saree.

27. Triple Layered Beaded Blouse

Triple Layered Beaded Blouse
 Image Credits: Pinterest

The triple layered beaded blouse is sure to steal the spotlight. This stunning blouse showcases intricate beadwork on the body and sleeves, which create a visual masterpiece with the Prussian blue Kanchipuram saree.

wedding blouse
 Image Credits: Pinterest

28. Sleeveless Wedding Blouse

Sleeveless Saree Blouse

 Image Credits: Crazy Hints

The sleeveless saree blouse pattern for saree is always give a modish appearance to the bride. The heavy embroidered front open modern saree blouse designs will be best paired with a pastel red Kanchipuram saree.

sleeveless wedding blouse
 Image Credits: Stylesatlife


29. High Neck Saree Blouse

High Neck Saree Blouse

 Image Credits: Fashion Qween

The high neck bridal blouse will surely make a lasting impression on your special occasion. This will be the perfect match with a violet Kancheepuram silk saree and posh up your entire bridal look.

30. Bell Sleeved Blouse

Bell Sleeve Saree Blouse

 Image Credits: Bing Sparkle

The chic and trendy blouse adorned with bell sleeves gives you a gorgeous look with the rose Kanchipuram saree. This bell sleeved wedding blouse designs will make you stand out unique.

31. Rich Embroidered Neckline Blouse

Embroidered Neckline Blouse Design

Image credits: notes of style

The embroidery in the neckline cascades to the shoulders to create a captivating silhouette, adding a touch of charm to any silk saree. However, the blouse will be more suited to a green Kanchipuram saree with golden motifs to get a contrast bridal attire.

32. Overlapping Jacket Saree Blouse

overlapping Jacket Blouse

Image credits: Zoovi Outfits

This jacket blouse designs for saree is a fashion-forward choice that exudes elegance and charm on a plain bridal saree. The pink Kancheepuram saree draped with the above jacket blouse will add diva to your special day.

33. Frilled Saree Blouse

Frilled Detail Blouse

Image credits: Tasuvure

The frilled sleeves add a touch of elegance to any type of saree. This blouse styles for saree with the pink Kanchipuram saree will surely elevate your bridal makeover.

34. Zardozi South Indian Blouse

Image credits: K4 Fashion

The Zardosi embroidery is crafted with metallic threads and intricate designs. This wedding blouse designs paired with Lavender Kanchipuram silk adds a grand touch to the overall bridal look.

wedding blouse designs
Image credits: Pinterest

35. Off shoulder Blouse Design

Off-Shoulder Saree Blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest

This trendy off shoulder blouse is one of the modern saree blouse design which showcases a flattering neckline that beautifully highlights the shoulders, creating an alluring  look. This stunning off shoulder blouse is the perfect pair with a green Kanchipuram saree.

36. Collar Blouse Design

Collar Saree Blouse

Image credits: Shadidukan

The elegant collar blouse designs are perfect for the fashion forward bride.

wedding blouse designs
Image credits: Pinterest

This blouse with a traditional silk saree will adorn the entire bridal look will be available as readymade saree blouse pattern from top brands.

37. Back Slit and Tie Blouse

Back Slit and Tie Saree Blouse

Image credits: Mirraw

This is a  contemporary wedding blouse designs with a back slit and tie design. This blouse is a perfect fusion of modernity with a traditional silk saree.

38. Deep V Neck Blouse

Deep V Neck Saree Blouse

Image credits: Fashion And Style

This blouse designs for saree is adorable with the stunning plain Kanchipuram silk saree and turns the entire bridal attire into something unique and stylish.

39. Mesh Back Blouse Design

Mesh Back Blouse Design
Image Credits: Pinterest

The crafted mesh work done on this blouse styles for saree will revamp the bridal attire.

wedding blouse designs
Image credits: Pinterest

40. Back Open Button Blouse

Back Button Saree Blouse
Image credits: Pinterest

This back button readymade saree blouse features a specially crafted arrangement of buttons down the back, creating a stunning visual appeal. This white saree blouse will adorn a contrast Kanchipuram saree.

back open wedding blouse designs
Image credits: FashionQueen

41. Jhumki Blouse Designs

Jhumki Blouse Designs

Jumki blouse designs feature captivating patterns, embellishments, and cuts that effortlessly enhance the overall appeal of any ethnic ensemble. One of the key highlights of this latest blouse designs is the incorporation of jumki motifs and small jumkis hangings making it a perfect choice for your special occasions.

42. Wedding Blouse Designs With Pearls

Pearl Wedding blouse designs
Image Credits: Pinterest
If you are looking for stunning and unique blouse for your wedding, then pearl bridal blouse will be the perfect choice. This sheer blouse which is adorned with white pearl will be the highlight for the plain or light worked bridal saree.

43. Pleated Back Necked Blouse

Pleated blouse

Image Credits: Tikli

Blouses with pleated back necklines are a favourite among women due to their sophisticated and fashionable design.

Pleated Blouse

Image Credits: Tikli

These blouses incorporate pleats at the back, providing a distinctive embellishment element to the bridal saree.The pleats come in diverse designs and fabrics, making this style adaptable for various occasions and individual tastes.

Pleated blouse

Image Credits: Tikli

44. Mirrored Blouse Design

Mirror Blouse

Image Credits: Pinterest

Look at the blouse design, the front portion of the blouse showcases intricate mirror work, complemented by decorative latkans and strings for a polished finish.

Mirror Neck Blouse

Image Credits: Pinterest

Mirror Necked Blouse

Image Credits: Pinterest

Pairing this blouse with a matching white saree or solid colour will enhance your overall look and radiance.

45. Floral Blouses for Wedding Sarees

Floral Blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest
Floral blouse
Image Credits: Talking thread

The rich floral embroidery on the blouse draws attention to the neural tones of the red saree for wedding. The blouse can be used along with the saree and lehenga.

Floral Blouse
Image Credits: Pinterest

The fabric of the blouse is silk and is embroidered with pink, green, and red thread. 

Embellish Your Blouse with Indian Wedding Sarees from Khuuba

From intricate embroidery to modern cut-outs, there is a wide range of options to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect blouse design for any occasion. Whether you prefer traditional and timeless designs or contemporary and bold styles, blouses offer versatility and flexibility to complement your unique fashion choices.

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1. Which type of blouse is best for a saree?

Choosing the blouse style is purely dependent on the type of your body. If you have a smooth back, then a backless blouse will be the best option. It is recommended to try a wide neckline if you have broad shoulders.

2. Which type of saree blouse will make me look slim?

A long-sleeve designer blouse will give you a slim appearance.

3. Which blouse looks good with a silk saree?

A silk blouse designs with contrasting colours, having a boat neck style and a classic round neck, will give you an elegant look.

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