30 Latest Pattu Sarees for Your Wedding

The charm of a South Indian bride is undeniable, right from her jewellery to her saree. Khuuba, your premier destination for traditional Indian wedding dresses in Sydney, offers a wide collection of pattu sarees suitable for your picture-perfect day.

Here are 30 handpicked Pattu sarees, from traditional motifs to contemporary interpretations, that showcase timeless elegance and sophistication. Explore a palette of vibrant colours, designs, and luxurious fabrics that define the classic beauty of Khuuba’s pattu sarees, crafted to make your wedding moments truly memorable with the following collection.

Best Pattu Sarees for Your Magical Moments

Pattu sarees, also known as silk sarees, are are highly revered for their rich texture, vibrant colors, and intricate designs. A hallmark of pattu sarees is their opulent zari work, which involves weaving gold or silver threads into the fabric to create elaborate patterns and motifs.

Common designs include floral patterns, peacocks, temple borders, and traditional Indian symbols. They are not just garments but also symbolize the wearer's cultural heritage and social status. Each pattu saree is a testament to the skill and artistry of the weavers, reflecting the rich textile traditions of India. Lets go through some of the latest pattu sarees from Khuuba.

1. Aqua Green Pattu Saree With Copper Borders


Aqua green saree


Perfect for any occasion, this aqua-green saree radiates nothing less than a luxury. Enhanced by the eye-catching copper zari work border, pairing it with antique jewellery can surely give a mesmerising look for your grand day.

2. Steel Blue Silk Saree with Antique Zari Works


Steel Blue Silk Saree with Antique Zari Works


For a spellbinding wedding look, this steel blue saree can be the best choice. Featuring copper designs with traditional patterns and embellishments, this 6-yard fabric exudes elegance.

3. Silver Saree with Sea Blue Elegance



The blend of silver and sea blue creates a dreamy and majestic appearance for your big day. The intricate details of this saree offer a luxurious feel and a stunning drape. 

4. Cyan Blue Pattu Saree With Copper Motifs


Cyan Blue Pattu Saree With Copper Motifs


For a bride who’s been in search of the ideal luxury Pattu silk saree, this cyan blue saree can do the work for you. The rich hues, combined with the exquisite copper motifs, give the saree a sophisticated allure.

5. Red Bridal Saree with Golden Zari Works


Red Bridal Saree with Golden Zari Works


If bold and beautiful are what defines you, this captivating Pattu saree in red, adorned with golden zari, can be your go-to choice. With its elegant and stunning colour, the saree evokes a feeling of beauty and exclusivity on your wedding day.

6. Peacock Blue Pattu Saree in Self-Embossed Floral Designs


Peacock Blue Pattu Saree in Self-Embossed Floral Designs


Radiate grace and beauty in this peacock blue Pattu saree on your wedding day. The self-embossed floral designs against the captivating hue offer the perfect blend of tradition and modern elegance.

7. Lavender Pattu Saree with Golden Zari Works


Lavender Pattu Saree with Golden Zari Works


Redefine tradition with a pattu saree that's anything but your grandma's classic. This slightly unconventional, yet incredibly fabulous lavender Pattu saree with golden zari work is the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity.

8. White and Red Pattu Saree


White and Red Pattu Saree


Stand out on your wedding day with this radiant dual-tone saree in red and white. This saree is an impeccable choice, guaranteeing a captivating presence with its distinctive red border.

9. Mango Yellow Pattu Saree


Mango Yellow Pattu Saree


Celebrate your summer nuptials in style with this alluring mango-yellow Pattu saree. Its captivating design beautifully weaves together ancient traditions and modern motifs, enhancing the allure of your attire.

10. Lilac Pattu Saree With Golden Borders


Lilac Pattu Saree With Golden Borders


Looking for a bridal saree that imports femininity? This delicate-hued lilac Pattu saree is what you are searching for. The golden zari border and the white floral motifs make it suitable for one-of-a-kind celebrations.

11. Fire Orange Pattu Saree with Thousand Bhutas


Fire Orange Pattu Saree with Thousand Bhutas


Bored of the usual red? Go for something vibrant like this fire-orange Pattu saree. Add a pop of colour to the most memorable day of your life with the crimson trim and pair it with a crimson red blouse.

12. Golden Pattu Saree with Traditional Motifs

golden saree
Draped in this golden Pattu saree, the bride personifies elegance and luxury. The magnificent motifs, subtly woven into its self-design, when combined with the regal blue borders, create a striking contrast that exudes unparalleled charm.

13. Gold and Pink Pattu Saree

Gold and Pink Pattu Saree

Own a note-worthy look at your wedding with this gold and pink double-toned Pattu saree. The floral embroidered border on the saree is incredibly eye-catching and pops against the soft background of the pattu sari. 

14. Golden Yellow Pattu Saree With Magenta Borders

yellow saree


Ace your South Indian bridal look with these golden yellow Pattu sarees with a magenta border. The self-embossed check designs add to the enchantment of the saree.

15. Chilly Red Bridal Pattu Saree with Peacock Motifs

red golden saree
When it comes to the bridal saree, the first colour that comes to mind must be red. So why not try out this chilly red bridal Pattu saree with peacock motifs? 

16. Fuchsia Pink Pattu Saree with Golden Borders


pink saree


 Add a dreamy touch to your wedding with this fuchsia pink Pattu saree, adorned with golden borders. Shine bright on your wedding day with this saree that delivers pure elegance.

17. Yellow Pattu Saree with Mango Motifs


Yellow Pattu Saree with Mango Motifs


Speaking of traditional works, mango motifs are never out of style. So, don your appearance as a bride in this yellow Pattu silk saree, graced with mango motifs and a contrasting blue border.

18. Yellow Pattu Saree with Blue Border


yellow kanchipuram saree


 Blue and yellow are such a heavenly combo that can captivate the onlookers. So, get ready to be an enchantress at your grand celebration with this yellow Pattu saree with blue borders.

19. Vibrant Red Pattu Saree with Silver Zari Work

Vibrant Red Pattu Saree with Silver Zari Work


Look nothing less than gorgeous on your picture-perfect day in this vibrant red Pattu saree with a silver zari border. The timeless design makes it an ideal choice for special occasions.

20. Violet Pattu Saree with Traditional Motifs

Violet Pattu Saree with Traditional Motifs

Ideal for those who cherish culture and craftsmanship, this saree promises to make every moment unforgettable. This gorgeous Pattu saree in violet, accented with a bright pink border, creates a stunning contrasting effect.

21. Pink Pattu Saree with Royal Blue Border


pink saree


What’s your go-to voice when it comes to bridal sarees? Ours is this pink Pattu saree with a royal blue border. We love how the saree, with its captivating border, commands attention.

22. Golden Pattu Saree with Turquoise Florals


golden pattu saree


Pause for a moment and let the enchantment of this golden Pattu saree captivate you! A harmonious blend of classic and contemporary fashion, this saree, with its delicate crimson and golden patterns, is definitely a view of elegance.

23. Mint Green Pattu Saree With Red Borders


mint green saree


Seize the limelight with your beauty in this mint green Pattu saree with red borders. Treat your eyes to a visual feast with this mesmerising saree with red borders and captivating details.

24. Lawn Green Pattu Saree


green saree


This lawn green Pattu saree is an absolutely breathtaking masterpiece with its self-embossed patterns in shimmering gold. The pista green borders and the contrasting, vibrant green base add to the allure of the saree. 

25. Vermilion Bridal Pattu Saree


red saree


When it comes to the wedding, what’s a more auspicious colour than vermillion? The rich maroon, complemented by beautiful traditional golden designs, ensures that you shine on your wedding day.

26. Forest Green Pattu Saree with Teal Blue Border

green saree


If there’s an understated colour combo, it has to be green and blue. The dreamy colour combo with the mesmerising designs has us at a loss for words.

27. Neon Pink Pattu Saree with Golden Border


pink saree
If neon shades are your thing, this saree is just for you. The exquisite golden work lends a touch of regality to the saree. Everything about this neon pink Pattu saree spells magic.

28. Red Pattu Saree with Traditional Motifs


red pattu saree


Did someone just say ethereal? That’s what this red pattu saree is all about. The traditional motifs woven into the saree in golden threads make it the best choice for your traditional wedding.

29. Bright Pink Bridal Pattu Saree with Golden Zari Works


dark pink saree


Bright pink holds a timeless appeal for brides, and this one, featuring golden zari work, is a definite win! The pallu and border, enhanced by zari work, add an overall grandeur to the saree.

30. Green Pattu Saree With Golden Motifs


Green saree


Own the scene at your wedding in this green Pattu saree with golden motifs. Get everyone gawking at your boss-like appearance in this saree, enhanced with a brown border.

Styling Tips to Shine Bright in Pattu Saree

  1. Choose the Right Blouse: Blouse plays a huge role in enhancing the beauty of the saree. Opting for a contrasting or complementary saree blouse can highlight the saree’s rich texture. To add a touch of elegance, wear embroidered or embellished blouses.
  2. Accessorise wisely: Statement jewellery - heavy necklaces, chandelier earrings, and bangles - can take your look to the next level. For a traditional touch, choose gold or temple jewellery.
  3. Perfect Drapes: A neatly draped saree can show off the intricate details of the saree. Experiment with different draping styles for a unique look.
  4. Footwear Matters: Choose the right footwear that complements the saree without overshadowing it. Pair your saree with elegant heels or traditional juttis for the best look.
  5. Hairstyle: For a traditionally elegant look, opt for hairstyles like a bun adorned with flowers, a braid, or loose waves. These styles enhance the overall traditional appeal.

    There are more ways for you to ace the pattu saree look, like considering makeup that complements the saree, carrying a statement clutch, etc. 

    Get Stunning Pattu Sarees for Your D-Day from Khuuba

    Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and we, at Khuuba, know the importance of looking and feeling your best. Our exquisite collection of Kanchipuram silk sarees is curated to make you shine on your big day. 

    Crafted from the finest silk, our silk sarees ensure a luxurious feel and a stunning appearance. From classic red and maroons to contemporary shades, our Indian wedding sarees are available in a wide range of vibrant colours to match your style and personality. Visit Khuuba to explore our stunning collection of pattu sarees, perfect to make our wedding day unforgettable.

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