Nauvari Sarees: A Legacy in Every Fold of Maharashtrian Wedding

Nauvari sarees hold a special significance because of their rich connection with Indian tradition. Regardless of the event, the feminine urge to wear a traditional saree is undeniable, which is why sarees remain an eternal and classic piece of attire. From Kanjivaram and Banarasi sarees to Bandhani and Nauvari sarees, traditional sarees speak of the richness and beauty of our cultural values. The exceptional style and attractiveness of Nauvari sarees are so captivating that women fall for them again and again, no matter what the occasion.

The word ‘Nauvari’ means ‘nine yards’, whose name originates from the nine-yard length of cloth used to craft the saree. These sarees are also known as Kashta or Lugade sarees and have great significance in Marathi culture. In this blog, we will guide you through the beauty of Nauvari sarees, covering everything you need to know about them. Explore the elegance of Nauvari sarees, and here is everything you need to know about them. 

History of Nauvari Sarees

The origin of Nauvari sarees is interwoven with the reign of the Maratha Empire. During wartime, when women had to assist men on the battlefield, Maharashtrian women wore these sarees, which gave them comfortable, unrestricted movement. The special saree draping style of the Nauvari sarees also symbolises women's empowerment, giving them the flexibility to engage in physical activities. 

With time, Nauvari sarees underwent significant changes in fabrics, embellishments, designs, and patterns. Unlike in the past, when these sarees were made only of cotton, Nauvari sarees are now available in diverse fabrics and are worn on different occasions. Be it a religious event, cultural festivities, or special occasions like weddings, every celebration is now marked by the beauty of traditional Nauvari sarees. 

How to Drape a Nauvari Saree in the Traditional Way?

Adorn your beauty with a special Nauvari saree look and make your celebrations even more vibrant. Draping a Nauvari saree is extremely different from how you drape a normal saree. Unlike other sarees, these sarees are tucked in between the legs and worn in dhoti-style. If you are keen to explore the traditional draping styles of Nauvari sarees, here is the best styling guide you can follow. 

Step 1: Start by wearing tight slacks for comfort and a secure base. Tie a knot below the belly button to keep the pleats intact. Leave around 1 metre of the saree to create pleats. 

Step 2: Bring the pallu to your left shoulder. Drape it and bring it to your right shoulder. 

Step 3: Make around 4-5 pleats with the rest of the saree. Take the pleats from the front to the back through your legs. 

Step 4: You can neatly refold the pleats and tuck them into the waist. 

Step 5: Wrap the remaining pleated part of your saree around the right side of the waist. 

Step 6: Take the saree portion near the feet and fold them in a layer. Since Nauvari sarees are draped like dhoti pants, tuck in this portion to your waist to get the desired look. 

Explore the Gorgeous Nauvari Sarees on Maharashtrian Brides

The most captivating aspect of Maharashtrian weddings is their vibrancy, filled with glorious celebrations rooted in traditions. The beauty of the Marathi bride, draped in a beautiful Nauvari saree, is indeed a vision to behold. Take in how exquisitely the Nauvari sarees accentuate the endearing charm of Marathi brides. 

1. The Timeless Trend of Traditional Style

The gorgeous combination of two fascinating hues in this Nauvari saree captures and complements the brimming joy of the bride. The vibrant colour combination of saree paired with the latest saree blouse design will definitely elevate your bridal look. Create a magical impression on everyone with the stunning magnificence of these sarees on your big day. 

2. In Love with Purple Forever

The queen of her special day, the bride looks exceptionally perfect in the luxury and majesty of a Nauvari saree. With a tint of purple, green, and yellow in her attire, the bride wishes her life to be as vibrant as her attractive ensemble. 

3. Gorgeous Purple Nauvari Saree Spiced with Red

When the bride feels happy not just with her partner but with her attire too, aren’t her wedding days exceptionally colourful? Being the colour of royalty, the shades of purple with hints of red around them create a magnificent story of intense love. And the right pair of accessories eagerly awaits to adorn her from head to toe. 

4.The Vibrancy of Red

If there is one combination that always stays in style, it is the vibrant duo of red and green. With minimal, matching accessories, the bride looks pretty and attractive effortlessly. 

5. Exuding Elegance with Green

With its timeless appeal and versatility, the green and red combo is always the top choice for brides. Reflecting the regal beauty of Nauvari sarees, the bride is enveloped in an enchanting aura radiating with every step she takes. 

6. The Evergreen Combo of Red and Green

The never-ending love for shades of red sarees makes them a trendy option, regardless of the era. The intricate golden embroidery of the blouse adds to the allure of this Nauvari saree. The fascinating attire of the bride is completed with Hindu wedding tradition that accentuates her glow. 

7. The Ultimate Bridal Look with Orange Saree

Orange always stands supreme in every bride’s saree colour choices for its effortless ability to bring an extraordinary allure. The peacock-styled borders in sarees have always set the trend in wedding fashion. Furthermore, the flawless beauty of the girl is accentuated by her bridal look, which strikes a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary styles. 

8. The Lovely Mix of Blue, Yellow and Red

The bride brings a fusion of traditional and contemporary looks by styling her Nauvari saree perfectly. The bride’s blue saree contrasted with the well-adorned yellow blouse and red shela. Additionally, the rich jewellery and the intricate patterns of her attire add to her grace. 

9. The Supreme Regal Look

The harmonious combination of purple and green, with subtle accents of red in between, suits the bride well. The golden border and the veil give the bride a luxurious royal appearance, which is reflected in her smile. Her accessories in mixed colour combinations add to her allure, and the final touch of bindi elevates her grace and brings a final touch of traditional charm. 

Be the Maharashtrian Bride with Khuuba Sarees

Exude the pride of Maharashtrian culture with the versatility of the Nauvari saree, which magnifies your inner radiance. Embellishing your beauty elegantly, the charm and grandeur of the fabulous Nauvari sarees are the best adornments you need to make your big day exceptionally vibrant. 

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