20 Indian Wedding Guest outfit in 2024

Indian wedding outfits for guests reveal the intricate designs of luxurious fabrics that strike the right balance between tradition and contemporary style.  The wedding season is almost here and what's a celebration of love and rich traditions without a wide range of exquisite attire? 

To ensure you turn heads and win hearts with every whirl on the dance floor, let's discard the fashion faux pas and delve into an incredible array of gorgeous sarees, mesmerising lehengas, stylish salwar kameez, sherwani, kurta pyjamas, and more. Whether you are a seasoned attendee or a first-timer navigating the world of Indian weddings, prepare to be swept away by this ultimate style guide: 20 Indian Wedding Outfits for Guests.

Indian Wedding Guest Attire for Men

Indian weddings are vibrant celebrations bursting with rich colours, lively music and the most delectable food. But it's not just the festivities that dazzle the Indian wedding outfits for guests; they add a layer of grandeur to the entire occasion. For men, choosing the right outfit can be exciting, with a diverse range of traditional and modern options available. Here is a guide to some of the most popular wedding attire for men in India. 

1. Sherwani

Image Credits: Pinterest

The sherwani for men is the most famous piece of wedding attire and it's a long coat-like dress that looks very elegant and royal. Traditionally paired with churidar pants and a Nehru jacket, it comes in various fabrics, embellishments, and cuts.

Image Credits: Pinterest

Choose from rich brocades for a dramatic look, silk for a timeless touch or lighter fibre for comfort.    


kurta pyjama
Image credits: weddingwire.com

The classic combination is versatile and adaptable, making it a popular choice for any occasion. Kurtas come in various lengths and styles, from knee-length kurtas with simple embroidery to floor-length anarkali kurtas for a more vivid touch.

Kurta pyjama

Image credits: setmywed

Pair them with matching churidar or straight-legged pyjamas and accessorise with a Nehru jacket or stole for added sophistication. 

Punjabi Suit

Punjabi suit

Image credits: shaadiwish

The North Indian staple is as comfortable as it is stylish. The long kameez drapes over loose salwar pants, creating a graceful silhouette.

punjabi suit
Image Credits:g3fashion.com

Vibrant colours and rich fabrics like silk and brocade are common, though simpler cotton options are perfect for daytime ceremonies. Remember the pagri (turban) for an authentic touch!

Indo-Western Fusion Wear 

Indowestern suit
Image Credits:Sareebazaar.com

This contemporary twist on tradition blends the classic sherwani with a Western suit jacket. The shorter length and slimmer fit offer a modern appeal while retaining the elegance of Indian design.

indowestern suit
Image Credits:Samyakk.com

Experiment with colours, textures and patterns to create a unique and personalised look. 

Jodhpuri Suit

Jodpuri suit
Image Credits: Samyakk

Inspired by the attire of Rajasthani royalty, the jodhpuri suit features a shorter jacket with flared skirts and breeches. Bold colours, intricate embroidery and bandhgala collars add to the regal charm.

jodhpuri suit
Image Credits:Purusham.com

Opt for this outfit if you want to stand out with a touch of historical flair. 

The Kala Chashma Look

Guest outfit
Image Credits: Jadeblue

Inspired by the iconic Bollywood song, this ensemble is a modern twist on tradition. Think of a sharp, black Nehru jacket paired with a printed silk kurta with rich jewel tones or intricate paisleys that work wonders.

men guest outfit
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Elevate the look with sleek Jodhpuri pants and statement sunglasses. Channel the superstar residing in you in the right way to bring your cool outfit effortlessly.

Woven Design Short Kurta

indo western
Image Credits:Indiapopup

Ditch the long hem and embrace the contemporary trend of short kurtas. Choose one with a unique woven design, perhaps geometric patterns or traditional motifs like paisley or buta.

woven design short kurta
Image Credits:shivazon

Team it with matching churidar pants for men and accessorise it in the right way to exude contemporary elegance. 

The Traditional Suit or Tux

traditional suit
Image Credits: Pinterest

For those who prefer a classical appeal, the timeless duo suit and tux remain a safe choice. Opt for rich textures like silk or velvet in deep celebratory colours like midnight blue and emerald green. For a touch of Indian flair, incorporate a silk kurta instead of a formal shirt, or swap the bow tie for a bandhala collar. This refined look exudes sophistication. 

Loose fitting Thread Work Kurta

Loose fitting Thread Work Kurta
Image Credits: Pinterest

Embrace comfort and style with a flowy threadwork kurta. The beautiful embroidery along the neckline or the sleeves adds a touch of elegance, while the loose fit ensures you are ready to move and groove throughout the festivities. This look is the perfect Indian wedding guest outfit choice for daytime ceremonies or relaxed wedding functions.    

White Chikankari Kurta with White Dhoti

White Chikankari Kurta with White Dhoti
Image Credits: azafashins.com

When it comes to Indian wedding dresses for guests, a white chikankari kurta with a white dhoti is a perfect choice, as it embodies grace and simplicity. The Chikankari kurta is meticulously hand embroidered with delicate white thread and a crisp white dhoti. To complete your look, you can wear traditional Kolhapuri chappals for a touch of authenticity.    

Dhoti with Embroidered Silk Kurta


Dhoti with Embroidered Silk Kurta
Image Credits: Indiaspopup

Dhoti and embroidered silk kurtas are a classic Indian wedding outfit combination for guests. The dhoti is typically made from silk and cotton, adding a touch of formality. The embroidered silk kurta has rich hues like emerald green, sapphire blue, and saffron, elevating the look. If you go for intricate floral or geometric patterns, you will get to experience a touch of regal charm.     

Nehru Jacket Paired with Trousers

Nehru Jacket Paired with Trousers
Image Credits: Pinterest

This modern twist on traditional attire is perfect for those who wish to be stylish and comfortable at the same time. The Nehru jacket, with its mandarin collar and single-button closure, offers a contemporary silhouette while completely following your Indian costume attire. This is the best wedding outfit for guests, and you can choose a textured fabric like linen or silk brocade to make the outfit more appealing. To complete your look, pair it with a pocket square and sleek leather shoes.   


Image Credits: azafashions

Bandhgala as an Indian wedding guest outfit is a perfect choice. It has a close-fitting coat with a high collar, which makes you dashing, royal and sophisticated. It comes in various fabrics, from rich velvet to crisp cotton and can be adorned with intricate embroidery or kept minimalist for a more modern feel.     

The Short Velvet Sherwani

The Short Velvet Sherwani
Image Credits: angark.com

To bring a touch of regal elegance to your wedding guests, this short velvet sherwani is the best choice. This short version of sherwani is perfect for summer weddings or those seeking a more contemporary approach. Choose an Indian wedding outfit for guests in deep jewel tones like sapphire, emerald, or burgundy and pair it with well-tailored trousers.   

Indian Women’s Attire for Wedding as Guest

An Indian wedding is a sensory feast—an explosion of music, colour and vibrant life. As you are attending the wedding as a guest, your attire should also exude the same joyful spirit. Here are a handful of collections of attire for Indian women as wedding guests.  

Wedding Guest Saree

wedding guest saree

Image credis: shaadiwish.com

Indian wedding sarees are available in wide varieties and they are known for their epitome of elegance. Draped in countless styles, it flatters every figure. Opt for Banarasi sarees, Kanchipuram sarees, silk sarees and lighter fabrics, including chiffons and georgettes, to make your appearance more like a goddess. Sarees for wedding guests should be rich in colour, which exudes your true beauty. 


Image Credits: Palkhi Fashion

The next choice for female guests on an Indian wedding day is Lehenga. A high-waisted skirt paired with a choli ( cropped blouse) and a dupatta (scarf) offers endless possibilities. Lehengas can be worn for a variety of other special occasions, such as sangeet ceremonies and haldi ceremonies, that take place before or after your wedding. 

Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez
Image Credits: Pinterest

Salwar kameez, a three-piece ensemble, includes loose trousers, a tunic and a dupatta. Among different types of Indian wedding outfit ideas for guests, salwar kameez can be available in a simple and elegant style that complements well with every guest. For the sangeet ceremony, the haldi ceremony and the Mehandi salwar kameez can be the most suitable Indian wedding attire.       

Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Suits
Image Credits: Pinterest

Anarkali is the best fit for your wedding guests. They are a long and loose tunic that is paired with fitted pants and a scarf. Anarkalis are available in different fabrics and styles to make them appropriate for every occasion, like the mehandi ceremony, sangeeth ceremony and haldi ceremony that come with wedding preparation.    

Lehenga Saree

Lehenga Saree
Image credits: studio149fashions

Lehenga sarees are the favourite outfit among Indian brides and wedding guests alike. In this style, if you choose latest saree blouse design and a long skirt called a lehenga are worn together like a traditional sari. For ceremonies where you wish to dress up, a lehenga saree is an option you should consider. Lehenga sarees for wedding guests are available in rich and pastel hues, which will enhance your appearance on the wedding day of your loved ones.    

Lightweight Gowns

Lightweight Gowns
Image credits: g3fashions.com

For those who love to incorporate some Western outfits, lightweight gowns are the best and most graceful alternative. This outfit is not commonly worn by Indian guests for wedding ceremonies but is more to be worn for engagement parties where the bride and groom will be dressed up in Western-style as are the guests.  

Couple Outfit Ideas for Indian Wedding Guests

Team Aqua Blue 

Team Aqua Blue wedding couples
Image Credits: Pinterest

This couple is styled in an aqua-blue theme to make your appearance just amazing, like the beauty of a wide ocean. Both of the couple's outfits have intricate designs and patterns. Go for Aqua blue-themed couple outfits to make a statement on your wedding day.   

Mustard Squad

mustard yellow wedding couple outfits
Image Credits: archittam.com

Mustard colours for wedding celebrations are a perfect choice. This couple, with their elegant mustard silk saree and mustard kurta, will make a classy appearance on the wedding day. And mustard has been one of the favourite colours of Indian wedding guests' outfits.

The Silver Srquin Lehenga & The Coffee Brown Suit

metallic wedding couple outfits
Image Credits: Pinterest

To bring an elite look to an Indian wedding as a couple, solid colours with complex features will give you the appearance you are craving. Go for a homogenously designed lehenga and dark suit to bring that elegant, rich look.  

Frills and Feathers

Frills and Feathers in wedding couple outfits
Image Credits: shaadisaga.com

If it is the wedding of your best friend or your siblings, you better glam up, and in that case, this silver sequin, beautifully embroidered lehenga will be the best choice. You can add some feathers and frills to increase your mesmerising look. He can pair you with a sherwani or tux just the way he likes. Both the sherwani and tux will beautifully pair with your lehenga.    

Velvet Lehenga and Dinner Jacket

Velvet Lehenga and Dinner Jacket in couple outfits
Image Credits: wittyvows

Don't think that velvet is only reserved for brides! A simple emerald green lehenga with velvet is the perfect choice for the Indian wedding guest look. Opt for a minimal look to make your appearance simple as well as elegant. A green dinner jacket is the best choice to pair with a velvet green lehenga paired with a sleeveless choli and a net dupatta.   

The Jodhipuri Suit and Sharara  Couple Outfits

The  Jodhipuri Suit and Sharara  Couple Outfits
Image Credits: Pinterest

Wish to make a grand appearance at the wedding. The Sharara and Jodhipuri Suit is the right choice. They give both of them a simple, elegant, comfortable and contemporary look at the same time. 

Indian Couple Guest Dresses with Fabric and Pattern Match-Up

Matching pattern wedding couple outfits
Image credits: Pinterest

Royal blue shades are always a favourite among Indians. For wedding celebrations, Indian guests love to dress up in royal blue, as it gives you an elegance that no other colour can give. Here, the couple is dressed up in royal blue and beige to give way to grace and beauty.  

Steal the Spotlight with the Exquisite Indian Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Indian weddings are a riot of colour, music, and dance, spread over joyful days of feasting and festivities. It's no wonder, then, that outfits take centre stage, with everyone vying to express their style. For men, a sherwani, a jodhpuri suit, or a bandhgala are just a few ways to shine. Women have an array of options, from flowing various bridal sarees, Kanchipuram sarees, and Indian wedding sarees and lehengas to salwar kameez and anarkalis. 

And the best part? Each outfit is perfect for any ceremony, from a vibrant mehendi ceremony to a lively sangeet ceremony to a joyful haldi ceremony. So go forth, embrace the festive spirit, and let your outfit dance alongside the music!

From bride and groom to cherished guests, Khuuba, Sydney's go-to for exquisite sarees, has Indian wedding outfits for everyone. Find a great selection for all the events at your wedding, and let your confidence shine as brightly as your clothes.    

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